I am Michael Tsang. I am a software engineer focusing on web development making websites which are lightweight, responsive, easy to maintain, using standard technologies as much as possible. I use long-lasting technologies such as PHP, traditional development methodologies, and best software development practices making websites lasting for years with minimal deprecation risk, reducing code rot and the maintenance effort of keeping websites running.

I currently run my own company, Metroapps Limited, which develops websites and web applications for clients, and also its own open-source products as well.

I graduated from The University of Hong Kong with first class honours in 2016. I won numerous prizes in different programming contests in university, using my skills of writing easy-to-maintain code. I also maintain a few websites, including my blog which is more than a decade old, as well.

Being a technical person does not mean coding or dealing with machines all the times. Apart from computer programming, I am also a sportsman good in orienteering, where I participated in the World Trail Orienteering Championship in 2017, 2018 and 2022 as a Hong Kong team member. In addition, I also love the ocean and sail, swim and dive in it. I have done multiple marathon swims since 2019 and swum the English Channel in 2023.

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I set up my Debian server all by myself, making it the core infrastructure of all my digital assets, allowing me to access it everywhere from the internet, anytime. It includes: