Hong Kong TrailO Information Site

Hong Kong TrailO Information Site is a website dedicated to introduce trail orienteering in Hong Kong. It is a fully bilingual WordPress site with both Chinese and English having equal status on the front end.

TrailO English site TrailO Chinese site

National Rail timetable on the web

This website provides a web-accessible, up-to-date version of National Rail timetable, which shows planned changes to train times not found in traditional PDF timetables.

Interface showing a timetable from Reading to Paddington Interface showing the departure board at Reading

KMB & LW combined headway ETA

This is an interface to query the ETA from bus companies in Hong Kong, focusing on getting ETA for a combination of routes fast and saving the combination as a browser bookmark, which is not possible using the official apps.

Interface showing ETA of a combination of KMB routes





This is a website which shows the position of a place in coordinates or words on a map, by searching a place name, tapping the map or geolocation.

WhatF***Words interface

Work done in previous jobs

iTrain @ IT Wake (October 2016 - October 2020)

This was started as an internal staff self-management and learning app used in Chow Tai Fook1. I developed the API using Laravel, which served Android and iOS clients, and also an Angular web application.

It has been adapted for use in multiple different companies, including Prudential (IIQE YiKaoTong, PRURookies), FSE Engineering (FSEE Academy), Hong Kong Financial Services Professionals Association (HKFsPA E-Learning Platform), Bank of China (BOC Life), etc.

student website, course page student website, material page

Easy One @ Bull.B (June 2015 - August 2015)

During my internship at Bull.B, I developed the web site of Easy One, which is a portal for business and job listings.

I developed the web site using Lavarel - The PHP Framework For Web Artisans, and style it using Bootstrap.

screenshot screenshot