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Michael Chun Chi Tsang

A technical man, always orientedTin Shui Wai, HK

Android™ apps

Four corner input method Get it on Google Play

The four-corner method was invented in the 1920s by Wang Yunwu to aid looking up Chinese telegraph code. I have turned this method into an input method for Chinese on Android phones.

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HK Cycling Info Get it on Google Play

HK Cycling Info is an app designed for cyclists in Hong Kong, which features display of cycling roads and tracks, parking locations, related amenities, and also routing.

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Work done in previous jobs

Easy One @ Bull.B

During my internship at Bull.B, I developed the web site of Easy One, which is a portal for business and job listings.

I developed the web site using Lavarel - The PHP Framework For Web Artisans, and style it using Bootstrap.

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