Personal icon Michael Chun Chi Tsang

A technical man, always orientedTuen Mun, HK


◪ Orienteering


I started orienteering in 2012 after my A-levels, since then I join local orienteering races regularly (especially sprint orienteering race).

I am currently focusing on sprint orienteering and trail orienteering, with the Hong Kong team as my target, while still doing forest orienteering sometimes. I may also do canoe orienteering.

⛵ Sailing


I like the feeling of wind. I do dinghy sailing and windsurfing. I joined the sailing race of scout regatta in 2012.

🏊 swimming

I hope to improve my swimming skills in order to join open-water races and triathlons / aquathlons in the future.

I have swum competitions including the Tolo Harbour Swim from Sam Mun Tsai to Tai Mei Tuk, and the Chinese New Year winter swim at Golden Beach on the 3rd day of Chinese New Year.

♚ Board and card games

I also play board and card games with my classmates. I like playing mah-jong and contract bridge the most.


I am currently a scout leader at 21st Tuen Mun East Group. Apart from my leader position, I am also a rover scout at 111th East Kowloon Group, being the chairman of the crew's temporary management committee.

As orienteering is now one of my main pursuit, I was elected to become the event officer at Scout Orienteering Club, helping the club for its operation and activities.

I was a member in the 5th Rover Council (2016 - 2017) and joined the service team for community service.


I am a local transport fan, in particular, bus fan and rail fan. I sometimes take photos of buses and light rail vehicles in Hong Kong, especially old buses. I also report whereabouts to various web sites.

Recently, I started analysing the value and costs of various modes of transport, comparing the efficiency, and read academic papers related to transport. In the future, I may try to develop a web site for transport planning and study a related higher degree, transforming myself from a transport fan to a transport professional.