◪ Orienteering


I started orienteering in 2012 after my A-levels, since then I join local orienteering races regularly (especially sprint orienteering race).

I am currently focusing trail orienteering. I represented Hong Kong in the trail orienteering world championships in 2017 and 2018. My next goal is to represent Hong Kong in the TempO discipline again in 2021.

🏊 swimming

I have been training for open water swimming seriously since 2018. I did my first marathon swimming race in July 2019, and the longest race I have done is approximately 14 km. I plan to do some longer races afterwards, up to 25 km.

I have swum most OWS competitions in Hong Kong including the Stanley Classic 3 km, McBean Middle Island Challenge (3.7 km), The DWB, The Polson 5 (approximately 5 km from Stanley Blake Pier to Repulse Bay) and Cold Half (approximately 14 km from Stanley Main Beach to Deep Water Bay in winter).

I have also swum a few overseas open water competitions including the Bosphorus race from Asia to Europe (approximately 6.5 km with current assist), and LGSA Classic (13 km from Lausanne to Évian-les-bains).

Apart from races I may also occasionally do some solo long distance swims. In December 2020 I pioneered a 16 km route in Tolo Harbour starting / ending in Ma On Shan, which is a good route for beginners to build their experience.

🤿 Diving

I love the feeling in the water and also underwater, therefore I have decided to learn diving in 2020. I completed my AIDA 2 in 2020, since then, I have dived with my friends for a few times.

In the future, I will look into underwater photography as well.

I currently do freediving but not SCUBA diving yet, as I want to get more comfortable underwater first naturally before moving to an unnatural way of diving.

♚ Board and card games

I also play board and card games with my classmates. I like playing mah-jong and contract bridge the most.

⛵ Sailing


I like the feeling of wind. I do dinghy sailing and windsurfing. I joined the sailing race of scout regatta in 2012.


I am a local transport fan, in particular, bus fan and rail fan. I sometimes take photos of buses and light rail vehicles in Hong Kong, especially old buses. I also report whereabouts to various web sites.

Recently, I started analysing the value and costs of various modes of transport, comparing the efficiency, and read academic papers related to transport. In the future, I may try to develop a web site for transport planning and study a related higher degree, transforming myself from a transport fan to a transport professional.