Citybus & NWFB combined ETA released

I have made a web app to show Citybus & NWFB combined ETA, which was released last month. It has two distinguishing features which bring convenience to users (including myself):

  1. It can show the first 3 upcoming departures for any combination of routes in the correct order for a particular bus stop. For example, you can choose routes 970 and 970X and it will show the 3 upcoming departures of them combined in the list.
  2. The combination selected above can be directly bookmarked in the browser, which when opened it will automatically load the selected combination without choosing again. For example, here is a link which I have saved in the browser for the combination of routes from Wong Chuk Hang San Wai to Repulse Bay which have section fare. I can then directly open that bookmark when I’m going to Repulse Bay to check the time.

The app is now live on my site. The code is licenced under GNU AGPL which can be downloaded from Github and hosted by anyone. However, due to CORS limitation it requires a proxy server to work, which can be set in the source code so if you want to host the code yourself it is better for you to set up the proxy as well.

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