Server migrated from Vultr to SSD Nodes

I have just migrated my server hosting this blog from a VPS on Vultr to SSD Nodes (referral link) due to price advantage. There is a Black Friday sale happening today and I ordered a VPS with 8 cores, 32 GB RAM and 480 GB storage for US$273 / 3 years. My old Vultr VPS costing me US$12 / month had only 1 core, 2 GB RAM and 55 GB storage, therefore this migration represents a massive price reduction and a much stronger server as well. A few days ago, the MySQL server on my server was killed by the system running out of memory with only 2 GB RAM.

I followed the instructions of a blog article and migrated the server in just under 2 hours. Now the capacity problem has been solved and in the future I can even run memory-intensive services such as OpenStreetMap data processing on the server as well.

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