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I am announcing the retirement of host name by 2022-05-24 as part of the migration of my storage solution. All the public usage of has been migrated to my permanent domain, , for about 6 years already, and in the case of HTTP, by means of a 301 permanent redirect, so I believe the transition has already been long enough for people to update their bookmarks.

The host name of started in 2012 as a nicer alternative to a name under, as I started my degree in computer science (CS), which I believed to be a perfect name for me to host my CS projects. is a domain name generously donated by its owner to the public in exchange of using the FreeDNS service, which requires a premium subscription otherwise. It provides an API endpoint for users to programmatically update the IP address, which suits my then self-hosted home server.

In 2016, I registered the domain name as I moved my public-facing website and related infrastructure, such as DNS, onto a VPS, because I moved home and could no longer monitor the availability of my home server, and redirect my website there using an HTTP 301 Permanent Redirect. I also moved other services I used onto the VPS, such as my calendars as well, so eventually my home server became only a file server.

In 2018, I looked for a cheap storage VPS to replace my home server and deployed one at Time4VPS in Lithuania, priced €41.88 per year with 500 GB storage. It was on OpenVZ 6 architecture, with Linux kernel 2.6.32, which I renewed for a few years. However, OpenVZ 6 reached the end of life in November 2019, and the kernel version means that the Debian GNU/Linux operating system installed on the machine is forever stuck at Debian 9 (stretch), which has gone into LTS support on 2020-07-06 and become oldoldstable, 2 versions from the latest stable, on 2021-08-14. It will go from LTS into ELTS in this June, by then the OS will be 5 years old.

The inability of upgrading an OpenVZ 6 VPS means I’m forced to migrate to another server. As the annual subscription is expiring in a week, I deployed a new server at AlphaVPS at €5 per month, offering 1 TB of storage as my storage requirement has grown over time. I have copied all the files I need using rsync from the old server to the new server, and set up a new host name under my domain for the new server. Because the name is no longer used for any public-facing service, it is a good time for me to retire it when the old server is decommissioned.

The new VPS is on KVM infrastructure, which means it is a complete hardware-level virtualisation and I can upgrade to whatever I want in the future just like on a physical machine, unlike OpenVZ which is a kernel-level virtualisation.

I can now access my files on the new VPS using the new host name, and the permission on /home on the old server has been removed to prevent accidental access afterwards. There are still a few more things for me to complete, including SSL certificate, secondary DNS server, automatic backup, etc., afterwards I can decommission my old server.

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