The size of an item in computer displays or printouts depends on a lot of configurations. Font size, DPI/PPI, screen resolution, page zooming, etc. all contribute to the output size. (…Read More)

After setting up IPv6 for nearly two months, I’m now interested in testing an IPv6 only LAN. In order to access the IPv4 Internet from an IPv6 only network, a (…Read More)

IPv6 tunnel set up

I’ve just set up a free tunnel from Hurricane Electric. I can now visit the IPv6 Google site

In Konqueror, you can type gg: to perform a Google search. wp: to go to Wikipedia. I’ve added an entry for JUPAS, i.e.\{@} then I can type like jupas:6963 (…Read More)

Debian comes with three flavours: stable, testing and unstable. Stable is rock solid, it never breaks, and is never updated; unstable is updated often, breaks often, and is fixed often. (…Read More)